Dear Participants,

Turkish Flour Industrialists Federation (TFIF) is an organization established with the memberships of the associations established by companies spread all over Turkey, aiming continuous development and solution-oriented strategies, bringing together the organizations serving in the flour sector, which we have been the export leader of in the world for the last 9 years. In this context TFIF which is in constant contact with other institutions and organizations that are in direct or indirect contact with the sector and carries out its activities in line with the needs of the sector; Representing 8 associations, it cooperates with public sector organizations other professional organizations and industry stakeholders.

As TFIF, we are the 17th of our congress and exhibition, which we organize internationally every year in order to provide maximum benefit to our sector stakeholders as well as the flour industry of our country and the world. We had planned to organize the congress and exhibition with the theme of “Technological Transformations in Production and Global Risks” on February 9-12, 2023 at Kaya Palazzo Golf Hotel Antalya. But we have decided to postpone our congress due to the earthquake disaster that occurred in our country on February 6, 2023 affecting 10 provinces and millions of people which saddened us deeply. We, as the Turkish Flour Industrialists Federation share our deep sadness and pain and in this context we have been working with all our might since the first day of the disaster in order to deliver all the necessary materials, especially the necessary flour and bread supply to our citizens in the earthquake region to heal our wounds. We continue our work at full speed with the awareness of taking a full place at the tables of our country and the world with all our sector stakeholders, especially our citizens who were affected by the earthquake disaster and with the awareness that access to our basic foodstuffs is the primary need. In this context, we will hold our TFIF 17th International Congress and Exhibition at Cyprus Elexus Hotel on 22-25 May, 2023.

This congress will bring together flour, pasta and feed industrialists, traders, suppliers, milling machinery and bakery product manufacturers, expert panelists and managers, officials from public institutions and organizations and many sector stakeholders, it will be a large organization that will host more than 1000 national and international delegates and will include more than 40 exhibition areas. You can find all the details about the congress and the exhibition at and

With the speakers and guests, it is aimed to discuss climate change, drought, new trade dynamics, future strategy in agricultural production with limited natural resources, grain and flour markets, world grain policies, technological transformations in production and trade to evaluate the problems with the leaders of the sectors and present solutions.

Our congress language will be Turkish, English and Russian.
We as the Board of Directors of the Turkish Flour Industrialists Federation would like to state that we will be honored by your valuable participation and to see you among us at this world flour trade summit which will contribute to the more efficient use of the heritage that Anatolia has given us and to increase the wheat yield and quality.

Kind regards.
Haluk Tezcan
President of the TFIF Board of Directors